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Delmont imaging move to
La Ciotat on June, 1st!

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The EasyCare clinical booklet
is now available


imagyn is now available
directly on the AppStore!


Imaging all the women


Hysteroscopy 2.0


The comprehensive solution for
the safest See&Treat hysteroscopies


The 6mm bipolar resection respecting women


The 9mm bipolar resection

About us

Delmont Imaging’s mission is to improve care and healthcare measures for women by providing obstetric gynecologists with innovative, effective and less traumatic solutions for all patients.

Our products are dedicated to diagnostic and surgical procedures on the uterus.

Operating rooms, Consulting rooms, Doctor’s offices:

Our solutions are at hand,
whatever your environment is

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Delmont is moving to La Ciotat

Just 2 years after being incorporated and facing a big success…

New! EasyCare clinical booklet!

This document, made in collaboration with Pr. Fernandez, describe…

The 2018 Choix de Armes congress

Second participation at the Choix des Armes congress for Delmont…