iCare+: Dr. O. Chanelles’ testimony

Dr. Olivier Chanelles,  specialized in diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy in Vincennes at the Centre Médical du Chateau, received the first unit of our iCare+ hysteroscopy station two months ago as a beta tester. He provides us with his conclusions:

It is a very compact hysteroscopy tower which fits even small consultation rooms. It is very easy to use and offers exceptional image quality (in High Definition). It is comparable in all respects to the towers we have in operating room.

The imagyn App. provided with iCare+ is a great novelty. The medical reports are carried out immediately after the examination and have never been so fast and so pleasant to achieve. The iPad Pro and the Apple stylus are ideally suited for this. Patients can follow their exams directly on the iPad or on the screen placed on the trolley.
The fact that I can access my patients’ records (reports and photos of the exam) at any time directly from my iPhone via a web browser is very useful for exchanging information between colleagues.
As a conclusion, having performed diagnostic hysteroscopies on a daily basis in consulting rooms for many years and having practiced on several towers, iCare+  is truly incredible with its image quality and the ease of use of the software supplied with the iPad Pro.